Back at Work and My Accidental Call to 911

One of the main reasons I haven’t been doing too many blog posts lately is because I can’t access my website from work. Well, that’s changed…. kinda. Work used to block everything, and then allowed certain websites. If you wanted access to a website, you had to fill out a form requesting it. Obviously I couldn’t do that for my own website since they wouldn’t approve it. But now, they’ve given us a way to access sites that we trust. Since it’s my own website, I trust its contents. Thus, I’ll start posting blog updates a bit more frequently. And you know I have the perfect thing to talk about, I found a great health supplement! It’s natural, and to me it has proven to be very effective. I was quite surprised by it actually. I highly recommend it. If you would like to check it out for yourself you can do so at

Yesterday I was at lunch and my work BlackBerry started to ring. It’s fairly new and only a really small number of people have the number (like, 2 people), and usually they’ll call my personal cell-phone anyways. I thought it was strange, but the number was a Palo Alto number, so I answered it.

Phone: “Hi this is 911 emergency services. We received a call from this number. Do you require emergency assistance.”
Me: “umm…. no, I’m fine. I um…. my pocket must have accidently dialed the number. I’m sorry!”
911: “No problem sir, thank you for letting us know.”

So yea, good to know that they follow up! I feel much safer now. OK, back to work!


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