Sessions Sale!

I’m making this post from my phone, so it may be short and even incoherent with lots of typos. Please forgive me.

I was in Huntsville Alamaba last week for a review of some hardware that we make. We make test missiles for the government to try to shoot down. I got to see some really neat stuff and we stopped at NASA’s rocket museum where I got to see the Saturn V rocket (it’s the one that launched all the Apollo missions — to the moon and stuff!). It was pretty damn cool!

I got back on Friday, went for a run (I ran 10 miles last week, I was super proud of myself!), and then cleaned up the apartment and went and got food before people came over for dinner. I made veggie stir fry and sesame chicken (from scratch). I was really worried the sesame chicken would suck, but it came out REALLY good!
Everyone was impressed. The dinner was ctuslly really nice because there were only 6 of us. We had a really good time hanging out and Martin even did the dishes for us! I’ll have to post re sesame chicken recipe on here at some point when I’m on a real computer.

Saturday I woke up early and drove down to Santa Cruz and went to the Sessions sale. Sessions is an outdoor clothing company that makes some awesome ski clothing. I got myself another pair of ski pants (goretex, $230 pants for $120), some ski socks, and thermal shirt and pants. I also got Ben and Katy new ski jackets (the one I got for ben was a $350 jacket that I got for $110!). Katy wanted a new jacket but was stuck at work and couldn’t go to the sale. She wanted something bright colored (so see stand out) in a small. The only thing in a small was black or brown bit I found this awesome jacket in a medium that is red and had a swet design on it. I asked if they had it in a small but it turns out the jacket is a one of a kind sample embroidery. I had a girl about Katy’s size try it on and it fit so I got it for her. I dropped it off a he parents house (Which was only 5 minutes away) and ended up staying and talking to her parents for about 45 minutes. I love her parents! I drove home, grabbed by friend John, grabbed some sammichies from Alottas (yum) and then spent 40 minutes convincing Kira not to bail on our ice-skating “date” (she’s my fake girlfriend and we go on fake dates). Eventually she gave in, met us at my place and we went and took the train into SF. We got to union square only to find that the ice rink had a line until 5 hours later so we have up and went shopping instead. We made Kira try on all these clothes and she got a shirt from Banana. John left to meet up with his girlfriend and Kira and I went to the mission to andrews housewarming party. His apartment was awesome, I saw a bunch of my old college HKN friends and it was a lot of fun! Kira got tired so we left early and I got back to bed by 11 (which was really nice!).

Sunday I woke up early, picked up carl and Adrienne and went back to be sessions sale. I promised Adrienne I would take her but she couldn’t go on saturday. I had to get a smaller siR in the themal shirt, so it worked out for me. Carl and Adrienne both got a bunch of stuff and then we had to head back so I could get to the 49ers game. Sadly we got stuck in a ton of traffic and i was super late for the game with Kira. We got stuck trying to find a place to park and we didn’t get into the game until there was only 4 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. The game was fun, the 49ers beat the jets and the seats we had were in row 4! We got back to my place fairly quickly, and I helped Sasha clean up the apartment. Her Alaskan Boy (huge crush) flew in, we grabbed drinks and dinner and then came home and I finished Clive Cusslers latest book while they caught up.

The end. I’m really tired of tpikg on here. Game over!


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