I’m pretty bored right now. And by pretty bored, I mean reaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllyyyyyy bored. I’m also really f-in full. I don’t normally swear on here, and I don’t even feel comfortable saying it abbreviated like I just did, but I needed some word that described how really full I am. I’m in Hunstville, Alabama on a business trip. My boss and I went to the Macaroni Grille where I had a yummy steak with mashed potatoes and fresh bruschetta and then topped it off with this chocolate cake tiramisu thingy that was delish. We also ordered a bottle of their House Chianti, which turned out to be like twice the size of a normal bottle. I think we polished off maybe 1/3 of it. Oh well.

All I did today was eat and drink. I take that back, because I felt like that’s all I did, so I went down to the fitness center in the hotel and ran 2 miles. I needed something to make the food not feel like it was sitting in my stomach. Unfortunately, as soon as I showered, I went out to dinner and now I feel like I’ve got a baby sitting in my tummy. Not cool!

Hammy and Brenda decided to accompany me on this trip. I hadn’t brought them on a trip with me in a long time and since I had room in my bags, I figured I would finally take my travel companions with me. I (or my friends) have been taking them around the world and taking pictures of them in each place. Hammy’s now been to Canada (Vancouver), Hawaii, Greece, Bali, Thailand, England, Chicago, Michigan, Connecticut, Tahoe, DC, Colorado, and maybe a couple other places I’ve forgotten. Pretty nifty for him!

I’ve decided I’m going to get a membership to the rock climbing gym near us (Planet Granite). Pretty much everyone I know has or is getting a membership, and Zack took me once and it was a lot of fun. Lockheed will pay ~$250/year for a fitness membership, so that’ll help pay for it. I need to get certified to belay, otherwise it sucks for whoever I go with.

Ok, enough blog posting for one day. Peace!


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