Tundig Pictures Update #4

This will be the last time I post any updates on the pictures. After this, they’ll be online and ready for everyone to look at! In fact, I was debating even making a new post for this, but I figured I’d just keep with the tradition and make a new one. I’ve come a good way through most of the photos! I’ve gone through all the indoor pictures and most of the ones with people in it. Now I’m just down to the 60 or so nature photos that I took. I also decided to remove about 8 pictures from the collection due to the fact that they were part of my “sign montage” that I want to put together (but they don’t need to be part of the Tundig collection). So the number shrinks even more!

Also, it looks like I won’t be uploading these until Monday or Tuesday. Sorry guys! I don’t think I’ll finish editing them until Monday and it may take me a long time to tag all the pictures with the keywords that I like to include (I like to include tags for everyone in the picture, plus what the picture is. Ex: “fall, autumn, Michigan, Tundig, Wine Tasting, L. Mawby, Winery, Wine, Sign, Trees” for the picture of the L. Mawby sign with the trees in the background).

Photo Status:
Photos Taken: 1421
Photos Removed: 1158
Current # of Photos: 264 (18.58% of original #)
# Photos Edited: 228 (86.36%)


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