Tundig Pictures Update #2

Another update: I’ve been permanently deleting (to answer Heather’s question) the bad photos that I could care less about. If I think I might want the photo at some point but don’t really care about it (for example: a decent picture of Heather, but I’ve got 2348 better ones) then I delete it from Lightroom but leave it on my computer. This means that when I post them online, those pictures won’t be in the gallery, but if I need it, I’ve still got a copy on my HD. So I imported all the pictures into lightroom today and I was able to sort by “Capture Time”, which helped me delete about another 100 that Heather and I took of the same thing. I also had a couple I needed to compare side-by-side in Lightroom. Sometimes you change the exposure and one may look better, but a simple quick fix in Lightroom may make the other one better. So yea, I’m about 25 photos away from my goal of 300, and then from there I can windle down a bit more. Hopefully I’m still looking on track for my Monday/Tuesday posting of all the pictures!

Photo Status:
Photos Taken: 1421
Photos Removed: 1098
Current # of Photos: 323 (22.7%)
# Photos away from Goal of 200: 123
# Photos Edited: 6 (1.86%)


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