Tundig Pictures Update #1

I got through all of Heather’s tonight, and then went back through some of mine and got rid of some that Heather had better shots. I’ll combine them and sort by “Date Taken” tomorrow and then start editing/weeding down. I don’t think I’ll get down to 200, but I’m thinking 300 might be doable. Right now we’re at 420.

Photo Status:
Photos Taken: 1421
Photos Removed: 1001
Current # of Photos: 420 (29.56%)
# Photos away from Goal of 200: 220
# Photos Edited: 1 (0.23%)


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  1. toast Says:

    haha, you’re, like, my hero. i still can’t even get myself to look through them all. even though they are all awesome!

    do you actually delete the redundant or bad pics? or just move them to a different folder? something deep inside me feels uncomfortable permanently deleting stuff.

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