Michigan Trip

It’s been wayyyyy too long since I last posted on here (with something real). Unfortunately, this post is going to be lacking. It’s 11:37pm right now and I’m just exhausted. I got in around 10pm last night and was up until about midnight unpacking and settling down. Today I ran at the gym, lifted, got my abs destroyed in Abs Class, and then played Softball at 9pm where we won 18-6 and I went 4-4 with 2 singles, a double and a triple.

Let me say this though: the Michigan trip was awesomely amazing. It was prob. one of the best weekends I’ve ever had, if not the best. There was something about it that just made it sparkle. Part of it was the company and part of it was the landscape and part of it was just the utter relaxation that we had up there. Michigan is absolutely gorgeous this time of the year and I ended up with about 1400 photos between Heather and I and at night we just cuddle up watch the pictures we took, play video games and we bought a few virtual ones and are amazing, if you are interested you can learn about how to get gaming services,this was  nothing we ever tried before and its a great time to spent together at the end we just watch a movie and relax. I’ll post more on the trip later, and apologies to Heather, but I think the only 2 other people who actually read this, weren’t able to make it (although you were in my thoughts all weekend). We’re all pissed at Gil for not coming, so if you read this Gil, you’re in trouble!

I will take this brief period to give an update on how the pictures are coming. I’ve gone through the pictures I’ve taken and knocked the 650 pictures down to about 310. Unfortunately, I still have the 790 pictures from Heathers cameras to go through. My goal is to get hers down to about 300 tomorrow (Wed) night. If I have some time on Thursday I’d like to go through the combined 600 photos and knock those down to about 350-400. From there, I’ll start editing them. In the end I’d like to end up with about 200-300. Ideally I’d like the # to be 200 but judging by how many I have, I think the number could creep up to 300. That’s a lot of pictures for people to go through so I’d really like to hit the smaller number — we’ll just have to wait and see. I’d estimate having things ready around Monday or Tuesday. I know it’s a long time but I like to go through and at least touch up every photo in some way (even if it’s just to give it Adobe’s “Punch” and make things a bit crisper).

I’ll post updates on the progress of the pictures on here, so if you’re interested to see how they’re coming, check back.

Photo Status:
Photos Taken: 1421
Photos Removed: 319
Current # of Photos: 1102 (77%)
# Photos away from Goal of 200: 902
# Photos Edited: 1 (0.09%)


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  1. toast Says:

    haha, you are already making more progress than i am. i downloaded all my pics last night, and then was so overwhelmed by the number of them that i could hardly even look at them!

    i can’t take “credit” for all 790 pics though, of course, my cameras got a bit passed around.

    i’m so glad you came to tundig aaron! it was so fun 🙂

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