New Lens, Nikon’s New D90, Michigan, and More

It seems hard to post these days since I can’t make posts when I’m bored at work. I actually haven’t had too many “boring” slow days at work. I’m getting in full swing with my new rotation and I’m still supporting my old job a couple hours a day and a couple hours of overtime every night. My new job is pretty nice. I now work for one of Vice Presidents, which is both stressful and really interesting. It’s stressful in the sense that I want to impress him and show him that I do good work but it’s been so scary that I’m a bit intimidated to ask him to get me more involved. I have to put up my fears and just do it. At the same time, it’s been great exposure and I’ve been meeting a lot of the executives in the company. The overtime hasn’t been too bad because I’ve just plopped the laptop on my lap while we watch Alias (or at the time, the Olympics). The extra money isn’t bad either, because I haven’t exactly been saving my money either.

I decided to buy a Macro lens for my camera. I almost plopped down $800 on the Nikon 105mm f/2.8 VR Micro lens but at the last minute I decided to rent it from the local photo shop. It was a good thing too because after I let the “SF Bay Area Photo Shooters” Yahoo Group know, a nice lady (that happened to live just down the street) ended up selling me here extra Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro lens. The lens has been great so far and I’ve been really pleased with some of the shots. Take a head on over to SmugMug to view my Macro photos.

Nikon recently announced their D90, a new SLR body that is basically the successor to my camera, which comes complete with a better 13 megapixel sensor, and even cooler, the ability to record HD (720p) video! Video’s on an SLR seems awesome to me because you can take advantage of the nice glass (lenses) that I already have! To all the people that say “why do you need to do video with an SLR?” I say “why not?” Obviously it’s not going to replace a camcorder, but if you have a random situation where you said “I wish I had that in nice video” — now your camera (which is more handy than a camcorder) has that feature! If only money grew on trees I’d get the D90. But I’m happy with my D80, it’s a great little guy. I just feel bad for Heather who just bought her D80 a couple weeks ago and now Nikon just out of the blue comes out with this. Oh well, such is life.

I also decided to throw down some money and make a spontaneous trip to Michigan. I had been hoping I’d get to go out in September for recruiting but I wasn’t picked this year (I was actually quite devastated). I want to see a football game, see how the campus has changed, check out the new BTB bar/restaurant thingy, and see a bunch of people. I realized Luke and Brian are around and Abe’s (one of my roommates from my gradschool year) still living in Ann Arbor. It should be a fun time!

I was randomly looking at my backup HD’s today and I just had to laugh at the folder sizes of my pictures:

  • California 2006: 4.02 GB
  • California 2007: 10.24 GB
  • California 2008: 26.72 GB (to date, for an estimated (36 GB by the end of the year).

I think I’m going to need to upgrade HD space at some point just to store all these damn pictures!

Alright, I’m tired, off to bed.


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  1. toast Says:

    haha, yeah, the D90 is a kick in the pants. but, i’m not that bummed because honestly, the D80 is more camera than i can handle at this point!

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