Shrek the Halls credits Katy!

I know Shrek the Halls aired a couple of weeks ago, but I finally got myself a copy where I could grab Katy’s name from the credits. For those who didn’t read my previous posts, Katy spent 6 months working on a Shrek themed Christmas special for ABC entitled Shrek the Halls. Katy worked on the lighting and even got to light a shot all by herself! Here’s Katy’s name in glorious bright lights at the end. She’s the first one listed (ok ok, alphabetically she came first, but we can ignore that, right?)! Congrats to Sam-O, Jessi, and Jon, who all are awesome and worked on the lighting as well! Click on the thumbnail for a higher res version.

Shrek the Halls

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  1. toast Says:

    that’s so exciting! congrats katy!

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