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When Zack was visiting last week he mentioned that it looked ugly that I was linking to Picasa Web within my webpage. It would look a lot nicer if I was able to include my Picasa albums within my own webpage (either the new look of the Photos site, or via my blog layout). I agreed with him but wasn’t sure there was too much I could. It turns out, from Zack’s searching, that Google has a Picasa Web Albums API that allows you to get an xml feed of your albums, pictures, etc. Pull up the feed, grab the info you want, and display the pictures. I stayed up till 2:30am last night hacking something together and it’s mostly done.

Picasa in my Layout: http://www.leftquark.net/Picasa.php

The pictures look pretty crappy when they load, so I’ll have to figure out what I’m doing wrong (I have a good idea of what I’m doing wrong) but the basic gist of it is done. The only thing I can’t decide: do I put my Picasa albums in my blog layout, or in the Pictures layout?

Reasons for Blog Layout :

  • It keeps all my websites looking the same.
  • I already coded it for the blog layout, so I wouldn’t have to do any adjustments if I changed it to a different layout.

Reasons against Blog Layout:

  • The blog has a lot of space at the top that is “wasted”. This in turn makes any pictures that were taken vertically not fit without scrolling. I hate having to scroll to view a picture
  • The blog is also very skinny, which means I have to shrink down the images. Shrinking them makes them harder to see. They also look uglier when they’re shrunk (downsizing causes a loss in sharpness due to the thrown out pixels).
  • I can fit more of the image information (tags, EXIF data, etc) in the viewable window
  • It’s time for a change

I think I’m leaning towards going with the Pictures layout instead of the blog layout. I’m going to clean up the code and write a couple of display functions in PhP in case anyone else wants to put their Picasa pictures in a website of their own. I found a guy who had posted a couple of scripts for connecting to the Picasa feed and parsing the xml. I used his code and edited it a bit and then added my own display code. I’ll prob. post it online for people who are looking.

In other news, it’s supposed to dump 11inches of snow in Tahoe tonight and a couple more on Friday and Saturday. Katy and I are planning on skiing on Sunday so we’re really excited about this news!


2 Responses to “Picasa Web”

  1. toast Says:

    i like the pictures layout

  2. zacharyc Says:

    It should come as no shock that I am a fan of the blog layout. Not necessarily that I like this particular theme. I do agree that it is a little old, and could use a bit of refreshing, but I just like it when sites are consistent. It lets me know where I am, and allows me to keep track of which windows belong.

    I’m actually pretty impressed with the whole integration as it is.

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